Horse Sales Specialists

  • Horse sales & purchases
  • Horses evaluation & reabilitation
  • Horse trainning
  • Equestrian consultancy


ADV Sporthorse specializes in locating and developing talented show jumping horses of all ages. We always stable a varied stock of horses to suit all riding levels and ambitions:

  • High potential young horses
  • Reliable amateur and junior horses
  • GP horses

All of our horses have been subject to a full veterinary exam and purchased in full knowledge of the results.

It is common that horses have been injured at some point in their career, so looking for perfection is not the issue. Looking for serious injuries that can reoccur or effect future performance, and understanding how to treat the horse to avoid future injury is what is important. With the support of our leading equine vet partners, will ensure that you know every detail of the horse that you are interested in so that you can make a well informed decision.

In the event that we do not have a horse that suits your requirements, we have access to many more horses from our professional partners across Europe, we are available to source horses according to your individual needs. This can be done by bringing the horses to our stables in Portugal or France, or by arranging a personalised visit where the horses are currently stabled.

If you are in contact with us through your trusted equestrian professional then we will be advised by them on your needs, and respectfully add our opinion.

If you are an amateur rider or parent and in contact with us directly, then you can relax in the knowledge that nothing is more important to us than rider and owner satisfaction. We will work with you to ensure the best match of horse and rider.

We provide you with the opportunity to thoroughly try and inspect your potential new horse. And we will be pleased to assist you when it comes to pre-purchase examinations and all questions related to transport and export. We offer our customers a complete after-sale service, including handling of all formalities.

Whatever your level of experience is we are here to help you, please contact us so we can best understand your needs.


Equestrian Consultancy

As well as selling our own horses, we also offer consultation services. If you are about to make a purchase but feel you need an independent opinion then we are always pleased to provide our service, as our desire is to see another happy match between horse and rider. If the seller feels uncomfortable with your decision to contract our consultancy service, then perhaps you already have the answer to your doubts. It is your money, so you have the right to invest it carefully.

Evaluation, rehabilitation and training

For various reasons a horse and or rider can find themselves not developing according to expectations, stopping at jumps, behaving irrationally or any other issue not expected when the original purchase was made. ADV Sporthorse provides evaluation, rehabilitation and training services for horse and rider. So before you write off your horse and rush into a new purchase or write off yourself and give up, please contact us and arrange a consultation.

Horse purchases

ADV Sporthorse is constantly searching for talented show jumping horses. We are also available to receive horses in exchange as part of your purchase of a new horse.

If you would like us to consider your horse, then please send videos and supporting information.